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Ifrit Info

Ifrit is the fire element Primal, worshipped by the Amal'ja beast tribe. There are 2 versions of Ifrit. Ifrit easy (r25 part of a Grand Company quest) and Ifrit hard (r45 through a repeatable quest).

Conditions for Ifrit:

Company Rank: Private First Class
Class Rank: DoW or DoM r45+

Quest/Procedure to get to Ifrit Hard :

Part 1: It Kills With Fire (EASY MODE)

1) Pick up the quest "It Kills with Fire (Ul'Dah)", "It Kills with Fire (Limsa Lominsa)" or "It Kills with Fire (Gridania)" from your Grand Company, depending on your city.
2) Talk to Louisoux
3) Kill low rank NMs (all soloable) in:
. . Horizon - Pyrausta & Nest Commander
. . Bloodshore - Barometz & Slippery Sykes
. . Tranquil - Jackanapes & Queen Bolette

4) Back to Louisoux
5) Go to Horizon and Kill Amalj'aa NM, Voidtongue Ahzabb Chah, then back to Louisoux
6) Enter the Bowl of Embers in a party of 4. You get bonus seals and a Lodestone acheivement if you complete the kill in a party consisting of members in the same Grand Company.
7) Finish the storyline

Part 2: Ifrit Bleeds, We can Kill it! (HARD MODE)

1) Your Grand Company NPC will direct you back to Louisoux. Head to Grid and pick up the quest from him
2) Go to Zaha'rak. Each Amalj'aa mob has a chance of dropping and item called "Inferno Taper". You need 5 of these for Loui to transform into the quest item - Inferno Lamp. You can also get a lamp direct to your journal if you kill the head NM in here, but that is quite difficult. Just farm until you have a decent amount of totems (I usually aim for a multiple of 5).
3) Talk to Louisoux and he will convert your tapers into a lamp. Return to Camp Broken Water and follow the map south west to the cave with the purple aetheryte node.
4) Enter the Bowl of Embers with a party of 8 and defeat Ifrit. After his death a chest will pop. Each party member gets to open it for themselves. At opening you lose your Inferno Lamp can can receive the following things
. . a) one of 7 Ifrit Weapons
. . b) an Inferno Totem
. . c) 1-8 Grade 5 Dark Matter

Weapons will drop straight to your loot list. If you already have the item you will get a message saying you can't hold two of a unique item. If the item you hold is damaged, you can put it up for repairs and then check the chest again to receive the 2nd item.

Inferno Totems drop to your loot list. You can exchange 10 totems at a NPC in Uldah for a weapon of your choice. LS protocol states that when you recieve one you declare it and we give them to one person first so that we can accelerate the rate that people can get the items they need.

5) Return to Louisoux and tlak to him to finish the quest. You can recieve up to 5,340 EXP from the quest, so if you have a r40+ class you are leveling (it can be crafting or gathering as well as battle) switch to that before finishing the quest so you don't lose the exp on a r50 class.
6) Pick up the quest again (it is repeatable) and then talk to him again to convert your tapers. Always ensure you have at least 5 tapers on you before going to Grid or you waste a trip.
7) Go to point 4) and lather ... rinse ... repeat


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