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What is Thanalan Alliance?
Thanalan Alliance is a Oceanic Linkshell with a long history reaching back to the original beta testing for FFXIV 1.0. We are a strong community of friends who love the game and look forward to A Realm Reborn with eagerness.

What is a purpose of the Linkshell?
To gather together players in the Oceanic region (Time Zone GMT +8 to +12) and build a community of players who enjoy playing FFXIV and want to hang out with each other. We are a mix of both casual and hardcore players altogether wanting to have fun in-game. We have done a lot of endgame content, and look to continue to do so in A Realm Reborn but we have a casual and friendly approach to in-game activities.

What server will you be on?
Masamune. It is the unofficial Legacy Oceanic server. It is our server of origin (starting on Gysahl and merging to Masamune) and we don't plan to transfer to a NA/EU server.

Will there be a representative Linkshell on other servers (like Tonberry)?
No. While we understand that newcomers to FFXIV might want to start on one of the new servers instead of one with an existing player base and economy, we are bonded to our Masamune characters and community. Trying to manage a linkshell on more than one server would be dividing our attention to two different communities and such splitting wouldn't benefit the linkshell in either world.

If you wish to start on a new world, we recommend you check out the Oceanic Community site and look there for people advertising Oceanic LS for Tonberry or the server of your choice.

Will there be a related Free Company for Thanalan Alliance?
As TA is and has always been a social linkshell, we realise that over time a natural divide may occur between members who are on almost every day to those who only play once or twice a week. In the end, what would happen is that we would have either a hardcore FC that will apply unfair restrictions to casual players or a casual FC that won’t provide proper structure for hardcore raiding.

And since you are limited to being in only one Free Company, we decided that FC choice would be left to the individual member. We will be making a general Free Company to give Linkshell members who aren’t in a FC any FC-specific benefits, but it won’t be compulsory to join. If you wish to join another existing FC that suits your playstyle you are welcome to. If you wish to start your own FC with your friends you can.

This doesn’t mean that the Linkshell will be abandoned with players holed away in their FCs. Most of the time everyone will still be talking in linkshell chat, which will be the “global” chat for Thanalan Alliance regardless of what FC you are in. We will run events and dungeon runs open to participation from all linkshell members.

What are the requirements for joining the Linkshell?
The base requirements are that you are in the GMT +8 to +12 time zones and be able to speak English. We also expect applicants to be people with a good, positive attitudes, and mature temperament. Also we spend a fair amount of time using the LS voice server to communicate, so willingness to use voip and having a headset is reccomended. If you don't have a mic it is okay, but being able to listen in is important.

What if I am a returning Linkshell Member?
If you have remained an active member here on the forum, or have gotten in touch in the downtime before beta you are in. However if you were inactive for a long period of time or weren't playing the game within the last 6 months we would ask that you reapply to the LS as a means to re-introduce yourselves to us.

When will applications be open for the Linkshell?
Applications should now be open. Please contact an Officer for an invite.
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